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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Closing Down Sales

Avenue JV will be close down due to heavy load of work

So all the ladies, Ive already set all the price at cost price.... Really reasonable
Mail me for more information... Grab it quick =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

: U-Chiffon :: Sexy Stockings :

: Wear a tube if you worried it too sheer

: too short for you?? Pair it with sexy stockings :
: stockings are available for sale =) :

Rm35 Now!
Size :
Fit XS-M
Color: Mid-Night Blue & Black
Material : Double Quality Chiffon
Remark : Waist Stretchable

Item Code : JV 1018

: Sexy Stocking :
Free Size
Superb Material:Elastic, it will not easily tear off
Remark: Sheer
*Quality Guarantee*

Item Code: JV 5004

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long Seamless Legging

* Recommended Must Have Leggings =) *
* This leggings is seamless, no obvious sewings on it...*
*Really soft & smooth materials.. Wear it for any occasion =) *


Long Flower Chiffon

Now Only RM35.00
Size :
Fit XS-M
Color: Blue, Orange & Red
Material : Double Quality Chiffon
Remark : Nice cutting with detail flower printed...Smoked waist

Item Code : JV 3008

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simple Long Flare

Simply Elegant Long Flare, Easy to Dress =)

Price :RM25.00
Size : Fit XS, S and M
Color: Grey & Light Tan
Measurement: Width-45cm Lenght-76cm
Remark: Stretchable waist, Front Button
Material : Soft Cotton

Item Code : JV 1016

Chiffon Long

Chiffon Long can be a dress or top
Simple & nice

RM25.00 NOW!!
Size : Fit XS, S and M
Color: White Black & Turquoise
Measurement: Width-35cm Lenght-75cm
Remark: Streatchable Waist , Ruffles Colar , Not Sheer
Material : Quality Chiffon

Item Code : JV 3015

Long Tee + Vest

Not plain Tee anymore ...
Grey Mini Bus Long Tee..

: Rm15.00
* Last Piece*
Size : Fit XS, S and M
Color: GreyOnly
Material : Cotton

Item Code : JV 5004

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Smooth Cotton Smocked Back Strapless Top
For taller babes, pair it with leggings =)
Wear it with blazer for Office Wear

RM30.00 Now
Size : Fit XS, S and M
Color: White, Turquoise & Black
Measurement: Width-31cm Length-58cm
Remarks: Back Stretchable, Side pockets
Material : Smooth Cotton *mixture of satin*

Item Code : JV 1014

Classical Off Shoulder

A simple off shoulder short dress
Pair it with leggings for taller babes =)

Now RM 25.00
Size : Fit XS, S & M
Color: Black & Dark Brown
Remarks: Stretchable
Material : Lyca Cotton

Item Code : JV 3014

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Glamour Satin Strapless

Smoke Back Tube Dress/Top
Stylist Front Pleated Motif
Upper bustier style with padded
*Quality Guarantee*
*Is safe and comfy to wear it without bra*

RM35.00 Now!!
Size : Best fit for XS & S
Color: Grey & Blue
Remarks: Back Stretchable-Quality Padded
Material : Silky Satin

Item Code : JV 3012

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little Isabella

Little Isabella~English Flower printed Halter Dress
Getting ready for a English Tea time ??

Price : RM45.00
Size : Fit XS-M (Best fit UK 8-10)
Measurement: 80cm long
Color: Pink & Red Sold : Black Last Piece
Remark: Stretchable
Material : Double Quality Cotton (2 layer)

Item Code : JV 3011
-Non Restockable-

:kudos to Ashopaholic's Den for featuring Little Isabella =)

Sweet Pie

*tee hee... Every girls favourite Floral Tube Top*
* Ribbon on the top side*

: RM22.00

Size : Fit XS, S & M (uk6-10)
Color: Last Piece In RED
Remark: Smoked back & stretchable
Material : Quality Cotton

Item Code : JV 1013

Little Rosie

Click For larger Picture

Little Rosie
-Smoked Back Tube Top.. Sweet Rose printed on

Price : RM22.00
Size : Fit XS-M (UK6-10)
Color: Blue, Black & Red
Remarks: Stretchable, Front Button
Material : Quality Cotton

Item Code : JV 1012

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My boyfriend

Forever 21 Inspired Colourful Plaided Dress
*picture credicted to forever21.com*
*tee hee.. we got Boyfriends Spaghetti Strap!!!!*
Pretty cute colors available... what ya waiting for??

RM 25 NOW!!
Size : Fit S & M
Color: OrangeBlue *last*
Remark : Front Button & Strap adjustable
Material : Quality Cotton

Item Code : JV 1010
-Non restockable-

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Little Vintage

* Another Sweet Vintage dress/top *
* Nicely Floral details & Bottom with lace details *
* Irressistable isnt it?? *

RM 25 NOW!!
Size : Fit XS, S & M
Color: Red*sold* Yellow
Material : Double Quality Soft Chiffon

Item Code : JV 3009

Sweet Florist

*Cute little floral printed all over *
*Heart shape busiter detail*

RM25 NOW!!!

Size : Fit XS-M
Color: Brown*Last Piece*
Material : Comfy Cotton
Remark : Ribbon can be choose to tied at the back,side or halter
Smoked Back

Item Code : JV 3007

Friday, July 10, 2009


Cute little piece of Stripe with Fluffy Skirt Base
* is time to get funky with it ya, pair it with stockings perhaps? *

RM20 Now!!

Size : Fit XS-M
Color: Baby Blue / Jeans
Material : Quality Thick Cotton
Remark : Elastic

Item Code : JV 1008